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On June 1, 2012 Adrien and Lizbet Palmer landed in Hiroshima, Japan. They left the airport with more instruments than suitcases. But they soon realized those instruments were cultural skeleton keys.  12 notes could take them farther than 26 letters.

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A few months later, The Last City was officially formed. Their goal was creating art that helps people everywhere experience that we are all connected. Overcoming fear with curiosity.
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The Sound

Think indie rock meets chamber pop.  Their sound combines the melodic appeal of pop music with textures of classical arrangements, and the raw energy of acoustic rock.  Major influences include crossover artists such as Damien Rice, John Mayer, and DC Talk.  Words are at the core, even down to multi-lingual integration.  You can read more of their non-musical writings in their blog.

The Band

Lizbet Kloot Palmer was born in Namibia.  She has played violin and piano for years, in various bands, settings and countries.  She met Adrien Palmer in South Carolina when he was part of a band called Further Room.  Since the formation of The Last City in 2012, they have recorded 3 albums and performed over 200 shows on 3 continents, including Hiroshima’s famous Sundance Music Festival and this one weird time in line at the airport.

The Future

The Last City is currently living in Dallas, Texas.  They are pleased to announce the release of Mixed Reviews, Pt. 2 and their first book, Sh!t My Heathen Friends Say.

As Patreon musicians, their most recent work can be found on Patreon.

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