Man…I haven’t written enough.

This year has been dominated by hours of mixing.  Hours and hours and hours of mixing.  Deep-diving into work with only occasional breaks for air and rest.  Increasingly occasional.

Call it burn out, exhaustion, lethargy.  Laziness.  I keep thinking back on all my accomplishments in the past.  I know I have the discipline to spend 12 hours a day mixing for a month straight.  I’ve done it.

I know I have the discipline to lose ten pounds in a month without being unhealthy.  I’ve done it.

I know I have the discipline to spend a quarter of my food budget and save a ton of money.  Been there, done that.

This year, I decided to do those things and a dozen more at the same time.

Stay up to date on politics.

Develop a better sleep schedule.

Read more fiction.

Meditate daily.

Post to social media more.

Practice guitar at least 5 days a week. 


It’s easy to forget that when I did those other crazy things, that was all I did pretty much.  When I was mixing 12 hours a day, I was eating doughnuts and living on Mountain Dew.  When I was losing weight like that, I was spending more money on food in order to get the healthy stuff and sleeping more regularly.  When I meditate, I avoid social media.  When I do social media, I find it harder to meditate.

And so it goes.

The age old struggle to find balance.  What do you do when progress and productivity seem to get in the way of balance?  No clue.  Hopefully 2018 will answer that.