Megan Landry is at it again, or should I say, continues to be at it. 

Her 2015 release, Stills, was many things, but above all, it was impressive.  In a musical era of hit-or-miss albums with filler tracks to pass the time, Megan Landry clearly put exquisite effort and detail into every song.

She continues to deliver the same creative energy and more with her latest release(s): A Socio-Political trilogy .



These three songs are part of her upcoming album, but she was graced us with a listen in the meantime.

The trilogy features a rapid-fire, energetic delivery that guarantees you’ll hit repeat.  A lot.


A few times to digest the depth of the lyrics,

Twenty four karats got people talking like parrots,

and we inherit the motive to chase the top of the totem.

I told them wealth isn’t relative when you toss in the grave,

and in the end you’ll just be sleeping in the bed that you made

-Questions [On the Cliff]


A few more to appreciate the vocal layering…

Try No Politics in Pangea at about 1:45.


And a few more to properly appreciate the production details that make powerful lyrical images even more vivid and moving.

Screaming Sun from 2:00 on is (not sorry to repeat myself) IMPRESSIVE.


Trust me, you won’t mind hitting repeat.  With all three songs together clocking in at under 8 min, you quickly realize that every moment of each song is worth the time.

50 SC