Each year, at the beginning of January, I try to sit down and think of what I want to focus on for the year. A lot of times, I find that the lessons of previous years haven’t been fully learned yet, and I end up choosing a focus that may have a different name, but is really exactly the same as the year before.

Last year was all about figuring out who we are and where we want to go. This year, both the hubs and I are focusing more on executing plans based on what we’ve decided. This is not ideal for me. If you’ve met me, you’ve probably seen that I have way too many notebooks, and I really love to sketch out ideas, plan, schedule and brainstorm. My kryptonite is execution. Even though it’s the part that actually produces results, it’s the part I like the least. I’ll plan out all the workouts I want to do this week down to the minute. Just don’t ask me to actually go to the gym.

My call to action is to take action.

I’m forcing myself, when I plan, to not just come up with ideas, but to create specific actions and steps for each one. If it’s not actionable, it’s not worth spending the time to plan it out.

No matter how exciting it is to think about how many new followers or likes we can get by creating new video content, utilizing Instagram stories, or communicating with fans via Facebook Live, if I don’t actually do it, it doesn’t count.

On our large whiteboard (I love whiteboards, they give me so much planning potential) Adrien wrote in big letters “Keep promises to yourself.” That’s what I want to do this year.

I want to take the time to make plans that I know I can follow through on.  Easy-peasy, right?

Well, now it’s on the internet. I guess it means I actually have to do it.
We’re creating a lot of new things this year and putting them on Patreon. To see some of these projects and to help me stay accountable, visit Patreon.com/thelastcity.