I remember driving into the city a year ago, following a big U-Haul truck and trying desperately to find some motel that we could stay in for the night since we didn’t have a place to live yet. Going out and looking at houses the next day was overwhelming, there were so many areas to look around in and we had no idea where to start.

That seems to be our Modus Operandi: jump in feet first and then look around for swimmies.

It has only been a year since we did that first drive into the big, shiny city. It is still big and shiny, but no longer foreign. Maybe it is the familiarity that makes me feel antsy, but I can already feel the wanderlust kicking back in.

I seem to struggle with finding the line between content and stagnant.

How does one grow while remaining in the same place?


My strategy until now? Stop moving around long enough and I find some big life change to make things fresh again.

Changing your outside circumstances can feel like momentum, but if there’s nothing happening on the inside, if your mind and spirit haven’t had any growth, if you follow the same old habits and patterns that you used to, then maybe something else needs to change.