There are ways to move onward.

One is in war, pushing forward, never looking to the left or right, mowing down the opposition. Reaching the ultimate goal.

Another is moving forward because to stay still is to stagnate, taking the journey as it comes, unsure where it will end, but doing it for the sake of the growth you know it will bring.

Living brings with it the constant motion. We will always move onward, what that looks like is up to us.

Each day we watch pieces of what we thought the world was crumble down around us. Still, we move onward.

Will we hold on to those pieces and use them as weapons to throw at anyone who stands in our way? As the scales fall from our eyes will we pick them up and find ways to put them back on as armor that protects us from knowing the cost of our own ignorance?

We can let those things fall away forever, allow ourselves to walk in freedom from our prejudice and the things that keep us back from fully loving.