Earlier this week, we released Travelogue 1/3, the first in a three-part compilation of 2017.  This year has been a confusing, exciting and wandering period of figuring out our voice.  Through Patreon, each month we are exploring a word and concept in a different language that connected with us.

If I’m honest, my greatest moments of change and personal enlightenment have come courtesy of a foreign language.  Even when it was technically the same language, getting outside of my religious tribe has opened my mind in ways my native tongue and religion never could.

That’s the impetus behind Travelogue, Sh!t My Heathen Friends Say, and everything we’re working on this year.  This weird ability of second languages to literally rewire our brains.  To literally change our minds.  I don’t really know where this whole pursuit goes next.  I just know that somewhere in the past few months, the wandering started to feel more like a path.  A trajectory started to appear in the fog.

And these small steps in the right direction mean more than a million spent in searching.