We’re Broken Clocks that are never right

The blind hand in hand with the paralyzed

But we’ll face the battle and bleed ’til we can bleed no more

This song was the first iteration of the “Broken Clocks” idea*.  It seems almost hopeless as I (and many others like me) look around at the world and feel either we should just make a small haven and try to keep everything out, or just embrace the moment for tomorrow we die.  Broken Clocks is my best attempt at finding something hopefully, not just rehashing what is wrong.


Our hearts have to change before the world can.

Our mindset has to change before our actions will.

Our view of those around us has to change before

we can accept them as brothers and sisters.


We have to know that we and everyone around us are all

Broken Clocks before we can see them

for the hurting people that they are,

and forgive them before we can work with them.  


That’s all this is about.  Understanding and rethinking, with the hope of change.

*General Disclaimer: Subject matter may get a bit dicey, and I hope only to speak to what I believe personally without implying it is in-line with any particular faith or religion.