Modern Classical Music
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For many people, classical music conjures up images of prolonged, immersive movements which often require intense focus, deep musical knowledge, and a heavy dose of caffeine to fully grasp.
As much as I love watching Buckley lay into a band trying a little too hard to sound "classic" (R.I.P. Black Keys), more than that I love coming across a band or singer that pulls it off.  And in this case, by "pulls it off", I mean completely embodies The Timeless.
Marie Hines: classical pianist, Carolina native, songwriter extraordinaire. Having begun piano lessons at six, she was already writing songs by the age of 12. While Sara Bareilles chose to make her dreams come true in Vegas, Marie opted to test her luck in “Music City”, Nashville, Tennessee.
Zoë Keating lives on the edge between imperfection and perfection. It’s there where she says her music feels “alive and breathing.” It’s where she finds her danger and makes her music. It is there that she shows what is possible when we let our musicality run free.